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Psychoanalytic psychotherapy in London, Harley Street, available 7 days a week.

About portland practice

Portland practice is based in Harley Street and offers psychotherapy in London tailored to suit the individual needs of our patients and their unique circumstances. We spend time carefully considering the most appropriate course of private therapy to avoid conflicts with their work and personal commitments. Our London psychotherapists offer specialised counselling, understanding the importance of ethnic and gender complexity and are sensitive to these particular issues.

Psychotherapy can enable people to find a way through a range of issues including depression, anxiety, relationship problems and bereavement. It can also help those who may be unable to locate what exactly they are struggling with, but who carry with them a sense of feeling being stuck, or who experience a loss of meaning in their life. Each of our psychotherapists in Harley Street provides expert support and offers a non-judgmental and confidential space for people to explore their personal worlds. Psychotherapy can provide understanding into how and why individuals feel and behave in certain ways, and also provide insights into how they can make positive, substantive changes to their life and wellbeing.

Courage  .  Compassion  .  Insight  .  Change

London Psychotherapy

AddictionAnger management . AnxietyBehavioural issues . BereavementDepression . Eating disordersLoneliness and isolationRelationship problems . Self harmSexuality .

Harley Street Psychotherapists

Individual psychoanalytic psychotherapy .
Personal development groups . Reflective behavioural groups .
Self help groups . Life coaching groups

"The flexibility of the portland practice and the concern they showed me helped me to develop at my own time and pace." 

- James Dickson

Practice Hours

Monday - Sunday
06:00 - 21:30


10 Harley Street


Monday - Saturday
09:00 - 17:00
0207 299 0373

Ethical Guidelines

Portland practice in London, Harley Street, is a member and follows the guidelines of the United Kingdom of Counsellors and Psychotherapists. Our psychotherapists understand the needs of both ethical and race issues and are sensitive to the needs and complexity of gender.

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