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Portland Practice provides expert counselling and relationship therapy in London. We all carry our particular thoughts, feelings, beliefs, needs and desires, which are shaped and influenced by the circumstances of our own history and personality, into our relationships with other people. Human beings have an immense capacity to love, share and empathise with each other, however conflict in our relationships, which arise out of the differences in our individual needs and desires, is inevitable. We all have expectations and demands which we make of each other, and if someone can please us then it is inevitably the case that they can also frustrate us.

Relationship Therapy London

Relationship problems can become entrenched amongst people who are continually struggling to manage conflict and frustration together effectively, and many relationships can be emotionally bewildering or unhealthy. What begin as conflictual issues can even evolve into more serious problems concerning control and emotional abuse. Work done in the therapeutic setting can enable people to redefine certain relationship problems, help people manage conflict in relationships more effectively, and help people to explore and understand different views. Talking to a professional openly and honestly about relationship difficulties opens up the opportunity to alleviate the sense of being stuck in the same patterns of relationship behaviour, and can affect real change in one’s relationships.

Psychotherapy is about building understanding and self-understanding, developing a sensitivity to your own needs and also the needs of others around you. It can therefore help people to better understand their own, and others’, behaviour, and determine the appropriate ways to improve or change their relationships.

If your relationship, or any other aspect of your mental health, is causing you problems in your life, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Portland Practice in Harley Street, London to arrange a consultation with one of our therapists who specialise in relationship problems.

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Ethical Guidelines

Portland practice in London, Harley Street, is a member and follows the guidelines of the United Kingdom of Counsellors and Psychotherapists. Our psychotherapists understand the needs of both ethical and race issues and are sensitive to the needs and complexity of gender.

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