What do I talk about in therapy ?

During psychotherapy, the more open you are, the more effective the session will be.

Often people new to psychotherapy are worried they won’t know what to talk about. They may consider their problems too trivial to others, or that their issues are too enormous to discuss with a therapist and may lead to highlighting even bigger topics they don’t feel ready to discuss yet.

Whilst understandable, these fears are unnecessary and there’s no “right or wrong” to the discussion. As your therapist we help you to talk openly, in a non-judgemental environment. Typically the difficult topics become much easier to talk about than you may expect.

Learning from our past can help us cope with situations today, tomorrow or in years to come. We’re looking to identify past reasons for behavioural patterns and how you can best cope with situations in the present and future.

Psychotherapy can provide a deep understanding into both how and why individuals feel and react in certain situations. This then gives the opportunity to make positive, substantive changes to your life and wellbeing.